Susan Long
Born in 1961 – Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Moved to the UK in 2000
A Self-taught artist, on a continuous path of learning and self-discovery, Susan has an individual style with an open mind that has not been constrained or inhibited by a formal art education.

        • Private commissions run into well over a few hundred pieces and continues. Several private collections have begun since 2006. (UK, Europe, Australia, NZ, Africa, Portugal and the USA).
        • Undertaken and completed numerous Public commissions in the UK.
        • Been invited (you can’t apply) to exhibit at RHS Chelsea flower show for the last 4 years and won their triple gold star award each year


2017  RHS Cardiff Flower Show (awarded 4 gold stars)
2013 -2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show (awarded 3 gold stars each year)
2008 -2016 RHS Hampton Court Flower Show (awarded 4 gold stars each year)
2007 – 2016 RHS Tatton Park Flower Show (awarded 4 gold stars each year)
2008 – 2015 Craft in Focus, Craft & Design Experience
2008 -2016 Living Crafts – Hatfield House
2007 – 2015 ICHF Craft Shows
2012 – 2013 Bristol University Botanical Garden
2011 -2012 RHS Rosemoor – Winter Sculpture Exhibition
2011 Delamore – Art in the Garden

Shropshire Review “Susan is creating wonderfully graceful forms that appear to be draped in flowing fabric and have an individuality and presence all of their own. She first constructs a framework, which is then ‘dressed’ with a medium chosen to complement the personality of the figure. The resulting artwork is fluid, elegant and alive; some pieces are full of movement and vitality, others serene and tranquil.” 2006

Artists Statement……
I have always let my intuitive-self guide me through various mediums, including watercolours, weaving, ceramics and now sculpture. Always learning, experimenting, evolving and living in the now, I just love to create and inspire others to create.

Creating sculpture from various mediums presents unique challenges and creative possibilities – and it has given me an unusual freedom in creating sculpture and art. I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating and then the interaction with others whilst they view my finished work!  Each piece may have an attitude; it tells its own surreal story inviting a second look, touch or thought and as a three dimensional form there is a very strong connection or bond between my art and humans. It is this interaction that makes my  art more interesting and full of life.

My work has often been described as inspiring, captivating and thought provoking. I certainly hope it touches your inner-self and perhaps makes you smile. May my creative journey continue for a long while and perhaps our paths will cross again.  Thank you Universe!

Susan Long

“We are all born blessed with equal access to a universal library full of profound insight and important information. To consult it, we don’t have to train our brains, we just have to hear our hearts.” Jonathan Cainer

Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’.

Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command,
and better tools will be found as you go along.”
Napoleon Hill (1883–1970); author

 Message to myself…..

I must remember to deepen my own faith in myself.
Be aware of my talents.
Remind myself of what makes me special.
Celebrate whatever makes me different and be proud of what I am so good at.
When I am doing what I’m good at, the world beats a path to my door.
People want what I have to offer and are very happy to reward me for it.

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